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Halloween Resurrection (2002)
Director: Rick Rosenthal

review by Steve Anderson

It's all crapped out to this, folks. Michael Myers as reality-TV show complication. But before we can get to the chopping and the slicing and the bad acting, we've got to sit through five billion previews of coming attractions on the DVD release. Everything from Scream and Scream 2 and 'Scream 2 Billion: Scream Some More' (okay, I made that one up - but that's what it felt like!), Gangs Of New York, the Scream boxset with extra DVD, and three earlier instalments of Halloween before we can even get to the main menu. Talk about your desperation moves. And it only gets worse.

Long-time horror fans will know how the previous instalment, Halloween H20, ended. And they'll show you again here in the beginning, just in case you forgot. Jamie Lee Curtis, in perhaps her most powerful scream queen role, proves her nobility by taking an axe to the head of one of the big three undead serial killers, Michael Myers, ostensibly ending the series forever. No such luck, folks.

In a display of sheer hubris, the film reveals that the man she decapitated was not in fact Michael Myers, but rather a security guard in the trademark mask. Is anyone else now officially enraged? I am. Do they think we're total idiots? They hawked H20 for months before release as the end of the series. And now? Now they brought it back in a truly shameless grab for more box office cash. John Carpenter, the series' creator, is reportedly quite irritated with the path the Halloween franchise has taken, as it was never supposed to be a franchise. Carpenter wanted Halloween to be a standalone film, or so I recall from his interviews. Which is why Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch was such a radical departure from the line that it doesn't even have Michael Myers in it - Carpenter wanted to go in different directions. But then, Miramax and the Weinsteins smelled opportunity in the Halloween piggy bank and went after it with both barrels. It's sad, really, when a director's original vision is so badly doctored.

And what did they bring it back for? For Myers to terrorise a reality TV show, that's what. Seems unscrupulous promoters are putting together an 'investigative horror' TV show in which a party of young, attractive college-age students go hunting through a haunted house and filming what they find, a la The Blair Witch Project. And for the premiere episode..? The old Myers house... Haddonfield, Illinois. And thus, a series of slashings and assorted nastiness begins.

Halloween Resurrection suffers from a sad predictability disorder. You've all seen this before... Michael will proceed, like a silent juggernaut, to slice and dice everyone he comes across. He could do the exact same thing for the next 20 films. There is, however, one truly innovative part of Halloween Resurrection that I feel compelled to praise. The addition of the kids at the Halloween party, viewing the events in the Myers' house and providing warning to the people inside via wireless devices is refreshing and surprisingly well done.

And I got a whole new respect for Michael Myers out of this. Long the perennial also-ran between fellow unstoppable mute juggernaut Jason Voorhees and wisecracking spindly-boy Freddy Krueger, Michael doesn't get much respect. And in this, I saw Michael take a blow that not even Jason had seen in his many battles. I saw Michael take a live jumper cable to the crotch. And this horrible, horrible act made me pause for just a moment, bring my own knees together in sympathetic pain for this poor mute bastard, and whimper just a bit.

Michael Myers, I wept for you. Just a little bit. No man should have to take the pinching and the voltage in the package like that. Not even mad murdering monstrosities like you. Well, maybe Freddy Krueger should. But that's different. Halloween Resurrection is another in a long string of unoriginal retreads that happened to come up with one good idea. Is it worth the viewing? Well, maybe once. But there's no need to pull a Myers and just keep coming back.

The Region 1 DVD extra features include a stills gallery, a feature-length commentary, tours of the set with Jamie Lee Curtis herself, two featurettes, deleted scenes and alternate endings. I've already discussed the massive array of trailers before the film even began.


Comprar Halloween resurrection Review and Opinion

Halloween resurrection Review and Opinion

Halloween resurrection Review and Opinion

Halloween Resurrection (2002) Director: Rick Rosenthalreview by Steve AndersonIt's all crapped out to this, folks. Michael Myers as reality-TV show complicatio






Halloween resurrection Review and Opinion
Halloween resurrection Review and Opinion

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