Witchblade Review and Opinion




Witchblade (2000)

review by Michael Lohr

Not since the first seasons of Hercules and Xena or the Highlander television series has a mythic-oriented action/adventure series caught my attention with this much intensity and bravado.
   Witchblade has all the panache of the above shows but without any of the campy fare that (with the exception of the Highlander series) the above mentioned shows thrived upon. Yancy Butler plays unwilling 'Witchblade' hostess and NYPD detective Sara Pezzini. Butler's previous acting credits are rather impressive. She starred in the movie Hard Target with Jean Claude Van Damme and in Drop Zone with Wesley Snipes. She has also had parts on such notable TV series as Brooklyn South, Law & Order and NYPD Blue. While investigating the murder of a childhood friend, Butler's character encounters the Witchblade, thus forever changing her path of destiny.
   Arising from the mists of legend, during times of great crisis, the Witchblade is an ancient, symbiotic weapon that only women can wield. In the past such women warriors as Joan of Arc have wielded this weapon and capitalised on its destructive forces. It is a sentient metal gauntlet that melds with its wearer, bringing both its power and its bloody history along for the experiencing. This is not a task to be taken lightly.
   Witchblade is produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc., and Halsted Pictures, in association with Warner Brothers Television. Based on the best-selling comic book of the same name, also produced by Top Cow Comics, Witchblade is a one-hour drama series that does the comic book series much justice, and it should, because the cast and crew are superb.
   David Chokachi (Baywatch) plays Jake McCartey, a rookie police detective who moved to New York from the West Coast. Eric Etebari plays mysterious and deadly Ian Nottingham whose job it is to monitor Sara's use of the Witchblade. Anthony Cistaro plays Kenneth Irons, an eccentric billionaire entrepreneur with an evil streak whose main goal is to acquire the Witchblade through any means necessary. Will Yun Lee plays a ghost who, in life, was Sara's partner on the force. He now serves as her protectorate and guardian angel.
   Producers Ralph Hemecker (The X-Files) and Dan Halsted (The Art Of War, Servicing Sara), Marc Silvestri (creator of the X-Men comic book series and also executive producer of the television show 18 Wheels Of Justice) and Richard Okie (writer/producer of the seminal television hit Magnum P.I., as well as Quantum Leap and Earth: Final Conflict) all work in a cohesive unit to bring you one of the better edgy dark fantasy series in a long time. Forget Relic Hunter, Black Scorpion and all that other fodder, Witchblade delivers.


Comprar Witchblade Review and Opinion

Witchblade Review and Opinion

Witchblade Review and Opinion

Witchblade (2000)review by Michael LohrNot since the first seasons of Hercules and Xena or the Highlander television series has a mythic-oriented action/advent






Witchblade Review and Opinion
Witchblade Review and Opinion

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